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Platinum Clubs® of Asia-Pacific License 2024-2025

A Legacy of Excellence: Founded over 25 years ago, the Platinum Clubs of America is the pinnacle of recognition for private Clubs located in the United States. The organization has evolved with the introduction of Platinum Clubs of the World in 2011 and, subsequently, the Asia-Pacific and Europe categories in 2019. This year, Clubs in the Middle East were included in the European region.


The election process for Platinum Clubs is conducted by an esteemed international Voting Panel, evaluating Clubs based on the Seven Selection Criteria. This transparent and rigorous process ensures that only the top 1% of Clubs worldwide achieve this honor.

Your Club has been honored as a Platinum Club of Asia-Pacific for 2024-2025, granting you the opportunity to participate in the Platinum Clubs of Asia-Pacific Licence Program. The benefits of this prestigious recognition are highlighted below for the Club, its Leadership, Members, Management, and Staff. 

"Acknowledgment as a Platinum Club of the World represents excellence and is the pinnacle of recognition in the Private Club Industry for the Club, members, and staff.".

Tristan Hall, Managing Director

Sunningdale Golf Club

ASIA PACIFIC-square.png

Benefits for the Club, Leadership, Members, Management & Staff:

  • Framed and personalized handcrafted tapestry plaque.

  • Eight (8) Showcase printed copies of the 2024-2025 Platinum Clubs® of the World, Asia-Pacific, and Europe & Middle East 2024-2025 Announcement Booklet.

  • Eight (8) 5-Star Recognition Pins.

  • Use of the trademarked Platinum Clubs® suites of logos and marks.

  • The FORUM publication provides biannual lifestyle and industry insights.

  • Participation in comprehensive quarterly Private Club Industry surveys.

  • Invitations to ‘Excellence in Platinum Clubs’ 2024 & 2025, hosted during the CMAA Conference and Business Expo.

  • Invitations to the MASTERMIND FORUMS: United States and International Venues. These elite gatherings combine unique education, networking, and recreation. CMAA and CMAE points are awarded at select Masterminds.

  • PlatinumClubNet provides your Members the opportunity to request access to participating Platinum Clubs worldwide.

Require More Assitance?

Platinum Clubs of the World Advisory Board

Platinum License Benefits

Your Platinum License grants access to the use of the name, logo, and marks of Platinum Clubs® of Asia-Pacific in communications, collateral materials, on websites, or for other purposes. Clubs securing a Platinum License will be provided an electronic file of logos in several formats for their convenience. Depending on your license type, the items defined below are included in the Platinum License, and additional products may be purchased on request.

View Samples of Platinum License Benefits

2024-2025 Platinum Clubs of the World Announcement Booklet - Access the digital booklet.

Private Club Industry surveys - Explore the recent Governance survey.

The FORUM publication - Browse the digital publication.

MASTERMIND FORUMS - Review the 2023 London MASTERMIND FORUM report.

Platinum Clubs of the World, Asia-Pacific or Europe & Middle East List

Customized and highlighting your Club’s Platinum ranking.

5-Star Recognition Pins

Lapel pins for Leadership, Members and Staff to celebrate Platinum status.

Invitation: Excellence in Platinum Clubs 2024 & 2025

Hosted during the CMAA Conference and Business Expo. Attend the industry social event of the year, exclusive to Licensed Platinum Club leaders.

Platinum Clubs of Asia-Pacific Handcrafted Tapestry

A Platinum gilded framed and handcrafted velvet bullion crest engraved with club name and years of recognition.

Platinum Club Surveys

Surveying relative topics and industry challenges conducted quarterly with results distributed to participants.

Invitation to the MASTERMIND FORUMS:
United States and International Venues
2024 & 2025

Managed by a professional facilitator, addressing issues encountered at the world's finest Private Clubs. These elite gatherings provide a combination of unique education, networking, and recreation. CMAA points are awarded at select MASTERMINDs.

2024-2025 Official Announcement Booklets

Announcement Booklets listing the 2024-2025 Platinum Clubs of the World, Asia-Pacific, Europe & Middle East and Clubs acknowledged with an Honorable Mention. Details of the Platinum program, history and Seven Selection Criteria.

Subscription to The FORUM

Established in 1997, The FORUM is the preeminent biannual private club publication that contains Relevant, Informative and Creative content for Platinum Club Licensees and Private Club Leaders.


Exclusive to Members of Licensed Platinum Clubs. Members may request access privileges at participating Platinum Club facilities worldwide through the dedicated website and mobile app.

To order additional recognition products such as plaques, booklets or pins, please click the button below.

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