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Club Leaders Forum is proud to present the Platinum Clubs® of the World, Asia-Pacific and Europe 2020-21. The Platinum Clubs and Honorable Mentions were determined through a confidential voting process with the results certified. Clubs recognized with Platinum Status represent the most outstanding Private Clubs in the world.


The esteemed international voting Panel, composed of industry experts and connoisseurs of Private Clubs, is appointed from 22 countries. The Advisory Board directs the Panel to cast their votes by applying the Seven Selection Criteria, which forms the benchmark of Excellence for Private Clubs.


A proprietary Points System is utilized to establish the results. Panelists rank each Club, which determines the number of points the Club receives. The total number of points is divided by the number of Panelists who voted for the Club to determine the final ranking.


Acknowledgment as one of the Top 1% of all Private Clubs around the globe is a remarkable achievement that deserves and commands the respect of all in the Private Club world.

Platinum Clubs® of the World,
Asia-Pacific and Europe 2022-23

100 Golf & Country Clubs  // 100 City Clubs // 50 Yacht Clubs  // 50 Asia-Pacific // 50 Europe