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Being a member of Platinum Clubs of the World for the past decade has been an extraordinary privilege. This distinguished organization represents the pinnacle of excellence, showcasing the most exceptional clubs from around the globe. The networking opportunities it offers are invaluable, allowing us to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share our passion for excellence. As a symbol of our commitment to delivering unrivaled experiences, the Platinum Clubs of the World membership holds great significance for us. It reinforces our dedication to continually strive for perfection and provides us with a platform to connect, learn, and grow alongside the world's finest clubs.


Andy Johnston

General Manager / Director of Agronomy / Resident Golf Course Architect   



For me, “Platinum Clubs of the World” is without a doubt, the number one benchmark for excellence, quality and performance in the private club industry. Our members pride themselves in having their club listed among the best in the World and the beautiful plaque on display. The staff of Real Club Valderrama proudly wear the 5-Star lapel pin, which reinforces the hard work they put in every day to service our members and guests.


Javier Reviriego

CEO/General Manager  

Sotogrande, Spain 


One of the secrets to staying relevant in the Club industry is continuous learning. Terminal City Club’s membership in Platinum Clubs of the World is a tremendous value in this respect, because it connects us with the best in the business, allowing us to share best practices and keep learning and improving. Our members and their guests are counting on us to provide an exceptional experience, and Platinum Clubs of the World membership helps us deliver. 


Peter Jackman

General Manager  

Vancouver, BC - Canada

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Being a part of Platinum Clubs of the World is our ultimate achievement at Shanqin Bay. We owe this accomplishment to two key factors. First and foremost, to the exceptional Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board and Panelists. Secondly, Platinum Clubs goes beyond merely assessing physical assets; it recognizes and evaluates all aspects of our Club's operations, management, membership quality, traditions, and conditions.


We proudly showcase the exquisite plaque bestowed upon us and to further honor this distinction, we have erected a special board that all players must pass on the way to the first tee. Each day our Club is open, the Platinum Clubs of the World flag is flown, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to excellence. Additionally, our top twelve caddies, known as Platinum Caddies, wear commemorative pins on their uniforms, distinguishing them for their exceptional service to our esteemed Members and their guests. In recognition of their outstanding contributions, they are compensated at a higher rate.


At Shanqin Bay, we aspire to remain part of the Platinum Clubs of the World family. We understand the immense value of being elected a Platinum Club, which serves as a constant reminder of the high standards and unwavering commitment we maintain.


Joey Garon

Executive Secretary

Hainan, China


The Sarasota Yacht Clubs staff and members are deeply appreciative and honored with the Platinum Clubs of the World designation.  We view it as an external validation of the progressive improvements we have implemented.  

Our members were thrilled knowing that being elected opened reciprocal doors to exemplary private clubs around the world.  Most importantly it provides all of us with the opportunity to celebrate the results of our commitment to excellence, a true moment of pride. 


Karen Harmon

General Manager/COO  

Sarasota, FL - U.S.A.

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Platinum Clubs of the World benchmarks the very best Clubs using the Seven Selection Criteria. Whilst there are various ranking systems, particularly in Golf, the PCOW list focuses on all elements of the Club to ensure there is attention to detail, a driving of standards and commitment to an even better future.

There is no other listing and organisation that covers all facets of Club life, both front and back of the house, whilst supporting Club management development and leading best practice and change management.

The Platinum Club organisation provides support and guidance through its Club Leaders Forum, PlatinumClubNet and Platinum Clubs of the World listing to be at the very forefront of the ultimate Member and Staff experience.


Tristan Hall

Managing Director

Sunningdale, Berkshire - England

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