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Since its inception in 2011, Platinum Clubs® of the World has remained committed to honoring Excellence in the most prestigious Clubs worldwide. For more than 25 years, Platinum Clubs® of America has been acknowledged as the pinnacle of recognition in Private Clubs, establishing the standard for Clubs throughout the United States.


To acknowledge the finest Private Clubs in the Middle East, the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board voted in 2023 to incorporate the Middle East region into the Platinum Clubs of Europe category, underscoring their significance and prominence in the industry.


Platinum status is exclusively designated to the top 1% of the most elite Private Clubs worldwide. In contrast to its counterpart, Platinum Clubs of America, Platinum Clubs of the World bestows the Platinum designation across three categories and elects: the Top 100 Golf and Country Clubs, 100 City Clubs, and 50 Yacht Clubs. The esteemed recognition of Platinum Clubs of Asia-Pacific and Europe & Middle East is awarded to the Top 50 Golf and Country Clubs within their respective regions.


Being recognized as part of the Top 1% of all Private Clubs globally is an extraordinary accomplishment that demands and earns the respect of the entire industry, as well as the Management, Members and Staff. Platinum Clubs of the World, Asia-Pacific and Europe & Middle East stand unrivaled as the foremost recognition of Excellence in every aspect of Private Club operations, facilities, service, membership and the overall experience as depicted in the Seven Selection Criteria. The Criteria is utilized by the esteemed international Panel appointed by the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board when casting their confidential votes in the Platinum Club elections which takes place every two years (odd years).

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